Thick and Glossy Rainbow Mixers

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Color Scent Scent Descriptions
Pastry Dough
Notes of cinnamon and vanilla sugar mix with bread dough and sweet pastry to create this scent!
Blueberry Sweet, plump, juicy blueberries linger with a hint of vanilla!
Brown Chocolate Cake Batter
Yummy, rich dark chocolate and sweet brownie batter create this delicious blend that will make you wish you could lick the spoon! (Don't though)
Honeydew Melon
Sweet, ripe honeydew on a summer morning
Sugared Grapefruit
Fresh, bright grapefruit with notes of sweetnessΒ 
Purple Grape Soda
A tasty sweet candy grape scent mixed with bright, fizzy soda
Yellow Banana
Ripe and sweet bananas! Not artificial, but fresh.
Vanilla Bean
Rich, sweet vanilla, a perfect addition to any blend.

☁️🌈 ☁️🌈 ☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈

Rainbow Mixers General Info:

Buy any 3 1-3oz rainbow mixers and get a free empty 8oz deli container to do your mixing and hold your final product!Β 

Buy any 2 4oz rainbow mixers and get a free empty 8oz deli container to do your mixing!


The containers are as follows:

1oz - clear heart container with attached clear snap-on lid
2oz - clear container with attached snap-on lid
3oz - clear screw-top container with smooth or ribbed opaque white screw-on lid
4oz - tall clear ORΒ opaque whiteΒ jar with smooth or ribbed white opaque screw-on lid

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