Magic Tea

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Type: Thick clear, DIY paper
Scent: Sweet Tea with notes of cotton candy and warm vanilla
Notes: String is just a string; does not dissolve

Magic Tea is a lovely new slime featuring the first of its kind, a DIY tea bag that fully dissolves in water. The tea bag is handcrafted and filled with a gorgeous pigment mix as well as holographic moon sequins. You can place the tea bag on top of your slime and pour water over it to watch it dissolve, rip the tea bag open to reveal the pigment and pour it over your slime, tossing the bag to the side, or even leave the tea bag in the slime itself, where it will take a little while to dissolve on its own. The choice and experience is yours to make!

The clear slime is thick and requires a slow stretch. Adding water to it (hold the borax, please!!) will help soften it up. You may also choose to add glycerin or simply let it sit until it's stretchier.

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