The following safety measures are taken while making and packaging your slime to present you with the best possible, most sanitary product:



Gloves, mask, clothes covering, hair net, and disinfecting and wiping down the space and containers. 


The use of non-latex, powder-free, vinyl gloves prevents unwanted skin oils and cells from going into the product. Gloves are changed to a new pair between batches of slime, and recycled.


A mask is worn while making and packaging slime to prevent any droplets from entering the slime. This is also a safety precaution for the slime maker, as it prevents pigment and unsecured add-ins from being breathed in.


To prevent clothing fibers and pet hair from entering the slime, a clothing covering is worn while making and packaging your slime.


Each slime container and surface is disinfected with a Lysol wipe and then wiped down with a wet paper towel and dried prior to any slime entering it. The mixer, mixer bowl, and attachments are washed between uses and then wiped down with a Lysol wipe, wet paper towel, and then dried.