Butter Rainbow Mixers

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Color Scent Scent Descriptions
Blue Cotton Candy Delicious, sugary cotton candy, straight from the fair!
Brown Coffee
A rich, freshly brewed coffee scent
Key Lime Sugary key lime with a hint of vanilla
Orange Mango Ripe, juicy mango
Pink Fresh Strawberry Fresh, juicy, sweet strawberries, picked right from the bush.
Purple Lavender Belgian lavender essential oil--a pure, relaxing scent
Ginger Saffron
A robust, savory ginger with notes of saffron. Perfect for any blend, savory or sweet!
Yellow Butter
Rich, creamy butter!
White Marshmallow
Gooey, delicious roasted marshmallows

☁️🌈 ☁️🌈 ☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈☁️🌈

Rainbow Mixers General Info:

Buy any 3+ 1-3oz rainbow mixers and get a free empty 8oz deli container to do your mixing and hold your final product! For every 8oz, get another!

For every 2 4oz rainbow mixers you buy, get a free empty 8oz deli container to do your mixing!


The containers are as follows:

1oz - clear heart container with attached clear snap-on lid
2oz - clear container with attached snap-on lid
3oz - clear screw-top container with smooth or ribbed opaque white screw-on lid
4oz - tall clear ORΒ opaque whiteΒ jar with smooth or ribbed white opaque screw-on lid

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