Why Slime?

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From the variety of textures from crunchy slimes such as snow fizz slime and floam, to butter slime to clear slime to thick and glossy slime to cloud slime and more, to the scents, to the colors, to the creative outlet, to the relaxation...

The lunchandbox tagline says it all: Slime is a sensory delight. 

Slime is a great tactile device for sensory play. Perfect for something to do with your hands while studying, watching TV, reading, and more, it is proven to help with focus. Harder textures, such as heavy clay slimes, over-activated thick and glossy slimes, putty, and sugar scrub slimes, are a great workout for sore hands and are even used in physical therapy offices to help build strength in fingers and palms.

The sounds slime makes provide wonderful ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), which is a proven anxiety relief and relaxation aid. Paired with fragrances, it makes for the ultimate relaxation experience, all in the palm of your hands! So why slime? Why not! 

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