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How's it going, Club Sandwich? 

This week I celebrated my birthday in style by shipping off orders to you! I hope you enjoy your slimes. Let us take a deep dive at a few of the slimes left in stock: 

Cute Tea

Here's a clear slime for all you lovers of creative and unique slimes. This one comes with a handmade DIY paper tea bag, filled with luminescent glitter and pigment and cute fimo slices. DIY Paper slimes were originated by Lunchandbox! Using paper that dissolves in water, the possibilities are endless! Cute Tea is scented like lychee white tea and is just $12 for a 6oz jar. 
You may have seen Hibiscus Tea (currently sold out) in a Talisa Tossell YouTube video. I think you'll love this one too!

Barbie Q

Next in the slime shop is Barbie Q! A neon pink, clicky milky clear slime filled with star confetti. It's scented like hickory smoked barbecued cherries (yum!) and it comes with a bag of glitter, sequins, and clay slices, as well as a random assorted doll shoe and sunglasses! It is so satisfying to mix in the glitter mix. If you love when your slimes make bubble pops without much effort, this is a great slime for you!

Mickey's Halloween Party

We're at the time of year when it's a bridge between summer and autumn. Here's a slime that takes the plunge for all things autumn! Inspired by the famous theme park's Halloween party, this slime kit includes a 6oz jar of glittery, glow-in-the-dark clear slime with neon mouse confetti, a 3oz jar of neon yellow thick and glossy slime, and a DIY clay castle embossed with purple and blue glitter. Both of the slimes are scented caramel apple, a crisp, juicy, and sweet blend. It mixes into a bubbly slay slime (slight amount of clay) that will keep you occupied as you make it pop and sizzle. It's so relaxing! 

These are just a few of the slimes in stock now. Check back later this week for more! 

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