Seven Must-Try Slime Fragrance Oils!

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If you're a slime maker, you probably have an extensive library of fragrance oils and you're addicted to buying more!

Here are seven skin-safe fragrance oils from Candle Science. If you don't know, you only want to look for skin-safe fragrance oils that can be used in soaps and lotions when you're looking for scents to use in slime making!

Rose Petal Gelato

rose petal gelato slime scent fragrance oil from candle science

This is the best creamy rose scent I've found. It's not too floral, and pairs beautifully with a warm vanilla and wafer cone scent that feels like entering an ice cream shop! Don't make slime but want to see what this smells like?
Check out my own Shrimp Risotto for a sniff. It's blended in with savory coconut rice and rose syrup, but you can still smell the beautiful rose and ice cream combination.


An image of dark, rolling storm clouds to symbolize the petrichor slime fragrance oil from Candle Science.

Petrichor, the unique smell just after a season's first rain, bottled up. This scent is STRONG. Once you open and close the bottle, you'll still be smelling it for hours afterward, so beware if earthy, ozone, rain scents aren't your thing. This smells like wet moss, grass, ozone, and rain, and really captures the smell of petrichor to me. I haven't used this in a slime yet, but comment below what slime texture you think I should use it for!

Spiced Honey and Tonka

Dripping golden honey on a honey stick, symbolizing the slime fragrance Spiced Honey & Tonka from Candle Science.

This is a velvety slime scent that perfectly encapsulates the sweetness of honey, spice of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the bold richness of tonka. It is a beautifully balanced fragrance oil from Candle Science that I can't recommend enough!
This will be a component of my upcoming (late) Rosh Hashanah Slime Apples & Honey. Stay tuned!

Black Cardamom & Cream

A teacup filled to the top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon to symbolize the slime fragrance oil Black Cardamom & Cream by Candle Science.

Black Cardamom & Cream is hands-down the best cardamom fragrance oil for slime that I've come across. Unlike its competitors, it is not floral, instead capitalizing on the rich nuttiness of cardamom. The vanilla cream compliments it so well.
This is another I have yet to use in slime but will have something with it in my next slime shop restock!


A large snickerdoodle cookie with a bite taken out of it to represent the slime fragrance oil snickerdoodle by Candle Science.

This one may seem basic, but that's how you know it's great. This is the best snickerdoodle fragrance oil I've ever smelled! It's got the butteriness of a good cookie, the cinnamon and vanilla, and all around it just smells exactly like a snickerdoodle, both in the bottle and out of the bottle in slime. It's perfect!
Smell it yourself in our upcoming snickerdoodle thick and glossy slime!


A stock photo of a row of tall cherrywood bookshelves with a ladder leading up to a big picture window with raindrops. This represents the slime fragrance oil Library by Candle Science.

Library is another slime fragrance that I feel Candle Science does better than anyone else. It has sweet and spicy notes mingling with leather and paper, and it really does evoke the scent of an old library, like NYPL or perhaps the Pratt Institute main library (my alma mater).
Find this one blended in with other fragrances in my snow fizz slime Old Books Dust or the holiday version of my icee slime / snow fizz slime / butter slime hybrid Wrapping Paper Pulp.

 Peppercorn Pomander

A stock image of Christmas pomanders in different designs to represent the slime fragrance oil Peppercorn Pomander from Candle Science.

I'll be honest: I had no idea what a pomander was before I started looking for photos for this blog post. I thought it was another language's way of saying "apple" (I was thinking of the French "pomme"), and so upon smelling this, I thought it was obvious that it smelled like apples and pepper. And with that in mind, it smells amazing. I mean, it smells amazing anyway, but this is a peppery fruit combo I've never smelled elsewhere. 10/10 on this Candle Science beauty.

What are your favorite Candle Science slime fragrance oils? Do you agree with my picks or is there something here you hate?

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