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Making slime is a fail-safe system. You might mess up a batch by overactivating it, but you can use glycerin to save it. Your slime might be wet for some reason, but you can add more glue or corn starch or more clay to try to fix it. I have never thrown away a batch of slime: even if what I was originally making didn't come out properly, I can always pivot it to make something else. This is how I made slimes such as Deep Fried Cookie Dough and my Custard Cream slimes: I was going for something else (Deep Fried Cookie Dough was supposed to be a CLOUD. I had no idea what I was doing!), but ended with a much more interesting product.

Then there are the times when I don't have anything in mind and just create for the sake of creating, to see where it will get me. When I was a kid, I would take out all the mixing bowls and all the baking ingredients and declare to my family that I was making "potions." I never wrote down my recipes--who could read my scrawl at 7 years old anyway!--but came out with some pretty great products. Most notably, I made brown sugar and honey cookies that were smooth on top, crispy on the bottom, and chewy on the inside, full of sweet honey flavor. We still talk about those to this day.

In my early days of making slime, I took a similar approach. I added glue, activator, lotion, and any number of the following: foaming soap, shaving cream (hey it was 2017!), baby oil, baby oil gel, baby oil cream, soft clay, and/or food coloring, and stirred and stirred with a popsicle stick until, at last, Holy Guacamole formed. Or Waffles, Friends, Work. Or Gooberry Pie. Or Cheesy Mac. Once I decided on what they would be, it was time to blend the scents: my favorite part! I wasn't sure how I would do the scent for Holy Guacamole, because I didn't have an avocado scent, or a cilantro scent, or a lime scent that didn't smell like cleaner or candy, or an onion scent. But I had basil, lemon, and garlic scented oils, and oregano essential oil, and I tried mixing them all together on a small portion of the slime. It wasn't exact, but it reminded me of guacamole spices. So there it was, my first savory-scented slime. It sold like other people's tri-colored pastel unicorn slimes sold, or like hot cakes, if you prefer.

To me, that's where the fun of making slime lies: the experimentation. All you need is a basic recipe and the world is your glossy glob of glue. What will you create?

Lunch's Basic Thick & Glossy Recipe:

You will need:
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-Elmer's Glue All
-Warm Water
-Teaspoons and measuring cups
-Glycerin (optional)
-A container or bowl and a spoon or a stand mixer
-Dough hook for stand mixer


  1. Make activator solution by taking a teaspoon of borax and mixing it into a cup of warm water. Pour into a pitcher and stir with your slime mixing spoon, or seal the pitcher and shake until dissolved. If your pitcher is larger, you may wish to measure how many cups of water it can take and add a teaspoon of borax for each cup.
  2. In your container or stand mixing bowl, pour out 16oz of glue or 2 cups. Slowly drip in your borax mixture and stir or use a low setting on your stand mixer until it starts to form. Keep adding the borax mixture until the slime forms. If it clumps up, this is normal for Glue All. Keep going until you have a stretchy, thick slime.
  3. If your slime rips easily, this means it's overactivated. Add a teaspoon of glycerin and stir some more. You don't want to overdo it on the glycerin or it will produce a wet feeling on the slime, so add a little at once. The glycerin breaks down the slime. Experiment with adding more borax and glycerin until you reach a thick texture. When you poke the slime, you should have round, clean circles. It can take more activator if the circles are "frayed." This is a great way to see if your slime is still underactivated even if it doesn't feel sticky! (See below for an example of well-activated thick & glossy slime!).
  4. Seal the slime into a container and let sit. It will "gloss up" over a few days. 
  5. If you wish to add color, try pigment or food coloring!


Feb 11, 2020
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Notes: I started writing this blog to eventually lead into a vegan mac and cheese recipe that I made from scratch. But it ended up going in another direction, which is kind of beautifully on point.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." —Zig Ziglar



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